Free RAM Anti-Ransomware
For Your Windows 32 & 64 bit

Multi-Layered Protection against the Cyber Threats.

Machine learning technology

Using Machine Learning Technology we can detect newborn malware and Ransomware. We can protect users from obfuscated malware and newborn ransomware variant.

Cloud-based malicious process monitoring

Helps the product to become light weighted and utilize the minimum amount of system resources such as RAM and provide the best detection.

Signature-based protection

Protection of threats using the signature based approach.

Compatible with windows 10,8,7

Compatible with windows 10,8,7

ANTI- RANSOMWARE - Technology Used

Traditional approaches for ransomware and malware detection are failing

to provide sufficient level of protection, it is becoming clear that these will have to be substituted

or at least enhanced by new, innovative methods.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Real-time protection using machine lerning technology

  • Static Analysis for new born Ransomware varients

  • 24/7 online help

How to safeguard your information from RAM Anti Ransomware

The RAM Anti-Ransomware guards against ransomware attack, from distribution to execution, by using Static Analysis methods.


RAM Anti Ransomware scan new born ransoware and obfuscated malware varients


Analyze and detect ransomware before incident occur


Stay Protected with Ram Antiransomware

Ransomware Attack Symptoms

Your device is locked

Upon startup, a splash screen opens asking for payment and you are unable to login.

Missing File Extensions

Files have extensions such as.crypted or.cryptor, or their extensions are missing completely.

Files won’t open

You receive an unexpected error message indicating that Windows or iOS are unable to open or locate specified files.

You receive a payment notice

The hacker who infected your device instructed you on how to make payment.

How To Remove Ransomware

Just One Click - Install Ram Anti-Ransomware

Ransomware FAQ

Ransomware is a sort of software that prohibits you from accessing your computer or personal files and demands a ransom payment to be paid in order to obtain access again. Ransomware affects computers, laptops, and mobile devices. It can also compromise cyber-security by entering your network and infecting other devices.

Yes, ransomware remains a major threat in 2021. To stay up to date, check Ram Antivirus Labs' ransomware news coverage. The best protection against this ongoing problem is ransomware protection software, which detects and eliminates threats before they lock your computer or mobile device and deny access.

You could believe that you don't need ransomware security for Macs, windows, but this is incorrect: ransomware can infect Macs just like it can Windows devices. Ransomware prevention for mobile devices is also critical. To conclude, it is critical to protect all of your devices from ransomware.

A word of caution: Free ransomware tools should be avoided. They might not be able to prevent a ransomware attack until it has infected your device. Ram Anti-Ransomware Premium, on the other hand, detects and eliminates ransomware in real time, preventing hackers from holding your data hostage.

The best antivirus/anti-malware software to safeguard your devices from being encrypted by ransomware is one that includes built-in ransomware protection that can prevent an attack before your device is locked. Today, proactive monitoring and blocking of ransomware is an important function to look for in antivirus software. Ram Anti-Ransomware Premium's Ransomware Protection function uses unique technology to offer a protective layer against this attack.

Ransomware prevention is available in Windows 10. Because it is not enabled by default, many individuals are unaware of its existence.
However, you should exercise caution before employing it. The ransomware protection in Windows 10 frequently detects false positives, which means that it may identify a trusted programmed as infected with ransomware. The warning may appear at an unexpected time, causing the programmed to crash or preventing you from saving your work.
Because it's difficult to forecast which programmed Windows 10 would consider suspect, you won't know ahead of time if your favorite programmed or games will operate with its ransomware protection. To avoid this, manually add your trustworthy programmed to a whitelist, which is not an easy task, especially if you are not technically smart. In general, you might need to make numerous adjustments if you turn on Microsoft 10 ransomware protection.