Junkoust Cleaner

Keep your computer clean and fast with junkoust Cleaner. It allows you to clean the cache of your PC and the big files. It has everything you need for a computer cleaner.

Junkoust Cleaner

  • PC Cleaner is a small, effective utility for computers to clean out the ‘junk’ that accumulates over time
  • It cleans your browsing history and temporary internet files, unnecessary, unused temporary files
  • Cleaner present in market can clean unneeded files from various programs saving your hard disk space, remove unneeded entries in the Windows Registry, and help you uninstall software.
  • Cleaner is a multifunction tool for keeping your PC safe, secure, and fast. PC cleaners provide services like clean your PC, clean the Windows Registry, choose which files and Registry entries to include or exclude when you clean your system, and more.
  • Junkoust cleaner can Speed up pc  boot times by reducing the number of programs from startup Windows.
  • Junkoust enable Windows to run more smoothly with a clean Registry. The commonly occurred problem which is faced by every computer user is to get free space, cleaner Free up hard drive space by deleting unnecessary files. Detect and remove matching files that clutter up your PC.

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Junkoust Cleaner is a professional PC cleaner with antivirus cleaner, PC booster, processor cooler, battery saver and best cleaner for your system to increase the performance of your PC. 

We focus mainly to Speedup the PC Performance

Most of the users using computer or laptop but, no one have time to think about why their PC runs slow, everyone is busy with their work. Extending the speed of existing computers and laptops is really important. Most of the people fetch problems like reduced speed, lockups and freezes, data loss, and difficulty accessing the internet.One best factor to optimize performance of the pc is just by using Junkoust Cleaner technology.

Secure Browsing is our aim

Slow speed computer is very harmful, because hackers can easily attacks on this type of computers.The junkoust Cleaner software provides you browser cleanup feature, you get free space by removing thousands of unnecessary file on your browser. Browser cleaner erases history of all visited websites, list of every page you have visited online, browser temporary files and also cleans all other records of your browsing activity. Browser cleanup is used to remove bad stuff of your browser.

Memory Optimizer by the cleaner

Since the cleaner eliminates the unwanted and unused files from the computer system, the computer system dig ups the large hard drive space back. It will optimize the memory space and recover wasted memory, in such a way system gets high performance.

Speed up the computer Start up time

The startup programs are that programs which start when pc is start. If you have installed more software on your computer, the longer it may take to start up Windows. Startup programs window show the list of all startup programs, junkoust cleaner can remove or disable this startup programs to start up windows speedly.

Registry cleaning is the way of quick execution processes

Junkoust cleaner uses the hybrid algorithm to clean registry, registry cleaner scan your registry for outdated entries and offer to remove them. A registry cleaner will remove a few hundred unnecessary entries and reduce the size of your registry by a few kilobytes. This makes no difference in perceptible performance. A registry cleaner that claims to improve performance by removing a few registry entries is like a file system cleaner. Which offers performance improvements by removing a handful of small configuration files.