RAM Internet Security

Prevents All Viruses And Online Threats. Better protection at home or away

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RAM Internet Security

  • Provide real-time protection against already existing and newborn viruses including ransomware and malware.
  • High-level defense helps secure your personal and financial data from the expert level hackers when you surf the internet.
  • Secure all your devices with a single license. Whether it’s your computer, desktop, laptop, etc you can keep all of them safe, secure and protected.
  • RAM Internet Security Protection control your system preceding to installation, eliminates any existing malware and fit with your system specifications.
  • RAM Parental Control is a convincing and easy to use tool that helps to secure your children from online threats.
  • Informs you regarding risky applications before you download them through our latest application scan system.
  • 100% Security Promise: Offers the best online technical support from RAM along with a dedicated technician 24/7 to keep your computer secure from online threats.

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Feel safer online now with artificial intelligence to block advanced viruses, malware, exploits, and ransomware attacks.

With Ram Internet Security, protect your computer with state of the art cyber security technology. Ram Internet Security Plus includes Identity Shield, designed to protect your:

  • Credit cards and other personal data
  • Browsing, shopping, banking and social media

Web protection by RAM

Many of viruses and threats arrive through emails to your computer. so spam may seem like a minor problem, but it can truly cause severe harm to your computer even if you just open it without clicking on anything. and RAM Internet Security protects you from these phishing tactics that are striking through the internet.

Potent firewall- Crucial Modern Computer Security

RAM Internet Security Antivirus grants the powerful web network security system which observes, control and examines incoming and outgoing web interface network traffic based on predetermined security precepts. and A firewall sets a boundary between a trusted internal and an untrusted external network. firewall. because antivirus software scans your computer and eliminates all the malware, then you want your computer system to remain further protected from harmful internet threats. Hence RAM Internet Security includes a dominant firewall to help your computer stay neat and clean.

Real-Time Protection- While you are busy on the Internet!

Real-time protection with smart scan feature works in the computer background to shield your computer at that point in time when you work or do anything, it scans the files for potential malicious actions. so Real-time security observes web data as it is reaching into your computer system to control any malware or threat as it infiltrates into the computer system.

Safe Browsing Technology- Encourage Secure Web

RAM antivirus provides the secure web browsing. Advertiser and websites on the internet track your actions online with cookies that stay on your computer. RAM security slays the search history and cookies of your browser So that your surfing on the internet remains private and also your identity remains unknown.