Best Security by Real Time Scan


Are you using real time scan feature in your system? If answer is No then, your system is at risk. Nowadays everyone is using computer or laptop but, no one have time to think about security of system, everyone is busy with their work. If you are not using any security software in your system then, you put your system at risk.  So you need to use real time scan feature on your system to protect your computer from malicious files and data. Real time scan protect you from all these problems.

Real time scan running in the background when you are working. If you turn off Real time scan feature in your system, you have to scan your system separately which consumes your time. If you are working on laptop and your Real time scan feature is off, malicious files enter in your system and damage your system.

Why does your antivirus need real-time scanning?

Real-time scanning is one of the most important features of any antivirus product. With manual scanning, the search for malware in the files is only done during the scan. You will only find an infected file after downloading and if you choose to perform an analysis. but, at this point, the harm can be done! With real-time scanning, your antivirus constantly checks files as they are accessed.

If you try to download malware, real-time scanning will detect it immediately and will not allow it to damage your system. For example, if you receive an email with a malicious attachment or inadvertently download a malicious installer, the file will be detected and quarantined before you can open it and potentially infect your system with malware.

How to turn ON Real Time Scan feature in RAM Antivirus:

  1. First you have to download RAM Antivirus from website.
  2. Click on Setting Option of RAM Antivirus.
  3. Then click on “PC Setting”.
  4. Under PC Setting, in the Real Time Scan row, move the ON/Off switch to turn ON Real Time Scan feature.

Best Security by Real Time Scan

Real time scan is ongoing scan. RAM Antivirus includes the smart real time scan technology. Real time protection notices web data as it is coming into your computer system to check that any malware or threat as it enters into the computer system. Real time protection module works in the computer background to shield your computer at that time when you work or do anything, it scans the files for possible malicious actions. If Real-time scanning finds any harmful content, it removes that file before it can cause any harm to your system. Best Security by Real Time Scan in RAM Antivirus provides instant detection of viruses assures user that your system is protected. You enjoy the highest level of protection when you keep real time scanning ON.

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