Outstanding Custom Scan

As technology enlarges, so does the cyber crime, and criminals may soon stay hidden right in our home screens.  A world top security researchers says malware, viruses, and cyber criminals may attack televisions (TVs) that are connected to the Internet, especially with its easy use and popularity of downloadable movies from the World Wide Web (www).
The pace at which new viruses are being produced is vastly increasing. When choosing an antivirus partner make sure that they have the technical and financial resources as well as the will to stand on the front line of the war against viruses.
Antivirus companies are finding it more and more difficult to keep up the research attempts and in the last year, some have consolidated their efforts.
The future is not promising but through sufficient determination and resources to crack the virus issue, it should be possible to do it. Custom scan is one of the good solution for this things.

How Custom scan works?

Custom Scan works scans each file and folder. The custom scan also performs the full scan of the file and folder which user needs to scan. You can create a custom scan to scan specific drives or files, the area in your laptop. Custom Scan of RAM Antivirus performs a recursive scan for the folder which user selected to scan.

‘Custom Scan’ panel of RAM Antivirus provides you following scan options.

• Folder Scan – To scan individual folders.
• File Scan – To scan an individual file.

Network aware viruses or computer viruses are the fastest spreadings of this decade. And the most expensive malicious codes have become threats. These viruses lack the integrity of our newly created infrastructure, overall programmability and security on Windows / Intel systems. And captures the growing connectivity of the Internet to spread rapidly through government and enterprise. Moreover, the accessibility of strong PCs in virtually each household has lowered the bar for development and testing of these threats. As more users gets broadband access to the Internet and work from home, we expect that whole new classes of viruses will emerge and target these users. Thus, the computer, PC or laptop becomes yet another corporate asset that needs to be secured.
Today’s pattern are only marginally productive at protecting against the fast-spreading virus and it is clear that these solutions will need to evolve to give necessary protection for users. As virus writers have done in the past, we expect that they will evolve their viruses to be even more and more difficult to detect and remove. With all of these changes, corporations, government and home users need to seriously reconsider their security policies, and antivirus companies need to start working on the next generation of antivirus protection. The game continues.

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