IT students who continue their studies or after their graduation often need industrial training to acquire expertise in a particular field that interests them. Acquiring in-depth training and expertise in a specific technology or field becomes mandatory on their part, because 6 months of industrial training largely shape the facade of their career. However, the 6 industrial training courses are an integral part of large universities and colleges, which requires in-depth training and a good understanding of the technology / course taken.

Why you need Industrial Training?

The main reason for the need for six-month industrial training for engineering students is that they are well prepared for work in business. Industrial training exposes students to the working atmosphere in the industry and at the same time increases their self-confidence and helps them find their own skill. It also cultivates the ability and responsibility of student leadership to perform or execute the given task. It also allows students to understand the theories studied with more functionality and practical work in a real work situation. Our industrial training center for B.Tech/CS/CSE/IT/ BCA / MCA / BE / / student offers industrial training in new and latest technologies with a combination of theory as well that practical classes.

RAM Antivirus Industrial Training

In order to improve employability and prepare young engineering graduates to succeed from the first day of their entry into the industry, we offer a results-based industrial training program for final year students in B .Tech. The program has the right proportion of interactive learning and on-the-job training sessions. The program and its delivery have been designed in consultation with industry experts to make them ready for use.

Students will have the opportunity to work on live projects in industries / companies in the area of ​​specialization and to prepare a dedicated high level “training report” and “presentation”. Aside from that, the training also includes modules on business communication and soft skills, innovation and problem solving. While working on the project live and meeting their expectations, this could lead to the absorption of the trainee by the company in which he undertakes the training.


RAM is a good industrial training center for CS / CSE / IT / BCA / MCA / B.Tech / B.Sc/ BE / engineering student offers a 6 month industrial training program in all areas, namely; Computers, Networks, Databases, Mechanics, Civil, Electronics and Electrical. Some of its training programs include:

  • Machine Learning
  • Cloud-computing
  • Digital marketing
  • Cyber-security
  • Information technology
  • Custom Web Application
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Industrial Training Features