Internet Protector

Internet Protector consists of a range of security tactics to protect online activities and transactions on the Internet. These tactics are intended to protect users against threats such as hacking into computer systems, e-mail addresses, or websites; malware that can inherently infect and damage systems; and identity theft by hackers who steal personal data such as bank account information and credit card numbers. Internet security is a specific aspect of broader concepts such as cybersecurity and computer security, focusing on the specific threats and vulnerabilities of online access and use of the Internet.

In today’s digital landscape, many of our daily activities rely on the Internet. Various forms of communication, entertainment, and financial and business tasks are accomplished online. This means that tons of sensitive data and information are constantly being shared on the internet. The Internet is primarily private and secure, but it can also be an insecure channel for exchanging information. With a high risk of intrusion from hackers and cybercriminals, Internet security is a top priority for individuals and businesses.

Protect your digital identity, secure your online communications, protect your sensitive financial transactions, and stay away from spam and phishing emails with the reliable RAM Internet Security Suite. Not only get a secure web browsing experience and protection against malware and computer viruses but also unleash the benefits of strong security against all kinds of evolving cyber threats, such as ransomware, adware, spyware, Trojans,


and phishing.

Types of internet protector threats

While the Web presents a lot of information and services to users, it also carries several risks. Cyber-attacks are only increasing in sophistication and volume, with many cybercriminals using a combination of different types of attacks to achieve a single goal. While the list of potential threats is long, here are some of the most common internet security threats:

Malware: Short for “malware,” malware comes in many forms, including computer viruses, worms, Trojans, and rogue spyware.

Computer worm: A computer worm is a software that copies itself from one computer to another. It does not require human interaction to create these copies and can spread quickly and in large volumes.

Spam: Spam refers to unwanted messages in your inbox. In some cases, spam can just include junk mail that advertises goods or services that you are not interest in. These are generally considered harmless, but some may include links that will install malware on your computer if clicked.

Phishing: Phishing scams are create by cybercriminals who attempt to solicit private or sensitive information. They can mask your bank or web service. And they can trick you into clicking on a link to verify details such as account information or passwords.

Botnet: A botnet is a network of private computers that have been compromise. Infect with malware, these computers are control by a single user and are often ask to engage in nefarious activities, such as sending spam messages or denial of service (DoS) attacks.

Your Internet Protector Is Our Priority

Internet Security on the go provides a complete Internet security suite, including gateway and endpoint security with parental controls, as well as malware and virus protection against the latest threats. Backed by renowned RAM Antivirus products, our software continually updates itself with new enhancements and upgrades delivered behind the scenes.

Identity Theft Protection gives you credit monitoring and instant access to your credit report and credit score. because our identity theft protection also includes Cyber Guard, which monitors criminal websites known to trade in personal information illegally. Other features include social security number monitoring, address change monitoring, non-credit loan monitoring, catering services, and million-dollar insurance.

Premium Tech Support is enhance remote technical support for your whole family. If your problem is with software, a network, or any other device that plugs into a PC, chances are our experts can help. You will have your own virtual IT department available at all times.

Protection Plus is wire maintenance protection in your home. and it covers all lines bill to the same account and provides protection against repair costs when a problem is detect with your standard indoor wiring, outlets, or other own equipment.