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Get your PC protected by the advanced level machine learning technology together with artificial intelligence offered by RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon. It consumes minimum amount of RAM hence improves the PC performance and provides highest level of security.

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Features of RAM Ultimate Antivirus:

  • Internet security- RAM Antivirus offers security not only from the viruses but also from other internet threats.
  • RAM Antivirus provide Parental Control- It not only protect your kids from the cyber threats but also educate them about internet threats.
  • Zero day malware and spyware protection by RAM Antivirus – Protects you from internet threats like malware coupled with spyware and keep your system safe.
  • RAM Antivirus grants Application scan- It scan all the applications in your computer and remove the unused ones, moreover it also detects the harmful applications and delete them.
  • Safe browsing with RAM Antivirus – During browsing the internet this feature protect you from Identity theft. As a result you can shop online, Bank online without any worries.
  • Safe search extension of RAM Antivirus – It will protect you from phishing and malicious websites therefore prevent the entry of malware and viruses in your computer.
  • Junkoust Cleaner- It not only removes the junks and registry files but also frees up the hard disk space on your PC. Therefore it improves the performance and speed of your computer.
  • Custom Scan, Quick Scan together with full scan from RAM Antivirus – It gives you the option to scan your PC certainly according to your choice. If you are busy working on the internet in this case you can do quick scan by RAM Antivirus. If you have to scan a specific location for example, a particular file or folder then you can prefer a custom scan. You can do full scan when you are free as it takes longer time in comparison to the other options provided by RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon.

Why you should buy RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon?

  • Real Time Scan through RAM Antivirus – When your are busy doing your important work this feature keeps on scanning your computer in the same vein. Therefore providing you real time protection.
  • Protect all your devices together with a single platform of RAM Antivirus
  • Junk files clean up coupled with registry optimizer feature of RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon. It not only clears the junks and registries in the PC but also optimizes the speed of the PC by freeing up the space on the hard disk.
  • Powerful Firewall of RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon analyses all the internet traffic and protects you from the Ransomware and furthermore enhances the security.
  • USB Protection by RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon protects your computer not only from the incoming threats from USB but also scans your USB and repairs it.
  • One click remote support from the first level advanced technician facility is made available by RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon.

Ultimate RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon

Get complete Protection to all your devices therefore, protect your whole family with a single platform.

RAM Ultimate Antivirus

RAM Antivirus in Jalgon

Protect you not only from viruses and internet threats but also increases the speed of your PC by creating more free disk space.

RAM Antivirus

Internet Security by RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon

Activities such as Shopping , Paying your bills, Banking Online become safe.

RAM Security Premium

Junkoust Cleaner By RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon

Clean out Junks, Temporary, Registry files as well as Speeds Up your PC up to 5 times

Junkoust Cleaner

Safe Search

It protects you not only from the malicious and phishing websites but also prevent the entry on viruses and malware in your PC

RAM Safe Search


Application Scan

Get rid of unwanted and unused application installed incidentally and keep your PC away from harmful blacklisted applications.

RAM Application Scan

Malware removal

Offers zero day malware protection. It offers real time protection especially while you are browsing

RAM Malware removal

Get a FREE trial of 6 months to begin with RAM Antivirus in Jalgaon. Tap on the button to proceed for download, thereby follow the visual instructions for the installation

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