Tips To Prevent From Ransomware

Computer security is the ever growing field. It is important not only for organizations but also for personal computers. From the past time, we have heard aTips to Prevent from Ransomware and how it affects to your computer.

Ransomware is a type of computer malware that encrypts the whole or some part of your hard disk and leaving them inaccessible for you. Then, you are asked to pay for the ransom amount for the decryption of your computer files. These payments are mostly taken via anonymous fields.

Prevention is better than cure. So, here are tips to protect your computer from ransomware attacks.

  •     Back up your files regularly

Mostly, Take physical storage devices to make backups.  Once the backup is done disconnect the device immediately. You can use online cloud data storage services that take regular backups and maintain your data safe. Data backup can stop the worse ransomware attacks because you just will not have anything to lose. Data backup is a foolproof process of staying safe.

  •     Install the good antivirus

Buy an advanced and full of recent features antivirus like RAM Ultimate Antivirus. Then, install it on your computer. RAM Ultimate Antivirus helps you to protect your computer from malicious threats, viruses, ransomware attacks.  Ultimate Antivirus acts like a strong protective system and PC cleaning tool for your computer. RAM Ultimate Antivirus firewall blocks such actions before they get in contact with your hard drive. Nowadays, RAM Antivirus includes a feature of anti-ransomware service which protects your computer from ransomware attacks.

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  •     Be careful with your emails

Internet users need to understand that, by means of ransomware, prevention is the only cure. Most of the ransomware attacks are coming through malicious emails. So here are some actions for strong email management to stay safe.

  • Use a service like unroll me which unsubscribe you from all unnecessary email lists.
  • Never download the attachment of an email which is sent by an unknown person.
  • Don’t access your social media profiles on your working computers.
  • Make a try for getting Google shared document link to exchange office documents with clients whom you have not worked before.
  •     Don’t pay the ransom demands

Paying the Tips to Prevent from Ransomware is not a solution. Because Cybercriminals never return your data or decrypt the encrypted data even after you pay them. Many times the ransom payment is track up with high demands of ransom. When you pay for the ransom, you become a part of the soft targets database of cybercriminals, which means you will face similar attacks extremely soon.

  •     Patching is a protection for ransomware

Now, it’s time to notice about the prompts of security updates and patches which you always ignore. You need to update your operating systems and application software regularly, in such a way new features will include in the software which protects your computer from such ransomware attacks. If you are not patching up or updating your system for the most recent releases from the software supplier, you are at risk of getting advance cyber-attacks. Never take unlicensed or pirated software application, because you will not get security updates for the software and will get a reason to suffer from a cyber-attack such as ransomware.

  •     Make your anti-spam settings in the correct way.

Most ransomware attack spreads the emails that look interesting which contain infectious attachments. It’s a better idea to organize your email server to block doubtful attachments with extensions like .exe, .vbs, or .scr.

  •      Don’t open the attachments that look suspicious.

This can apply to messages not only sent by unknown people but also to senders whom you believe are your friends. Phishing emails may pretense as notifications from a delivery service, an e-commerce resource, a law enforcement agency, or a banking institution.

  •     Think twice before clicking

Insecure hyperlinks can be received through social networks or instant messengers, and the senders can likely to people you trust, includ your friends or colleagues. For executing this attack, cybercriminals compromise their accounts and submit bad links to as many people as possible.

  •     Don’t use the open Wi-Fi

When you are at a public place like railway station, airport, coffee shop, library, then do not access the Wi-Fi over there. Because anyone can access it without any password required. It is so dangerous. Think about it.

So, nowadays this Tips to Prevent from Ransomware is a big attack on the computer, it badly affects to your computer. Hence, it is better to prevent ransomware attacks.

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