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Why Parental Control is Important?

Now a day’s in digital era a newly found technology get added in within the minutes and most of the kids have access to stuff which their parents could never imagined. And one of them is Internet is the biggest communication network of computers is an ocean of knowledge. Internet is the several type of online dangers world, it is important for parents to aware their kids to cyber security and teach them safe web.

With Parental control, You’ll have no more worries!

Understand the interests and decide of your child and use appropriate software tools for security which is reliable for Parental Control. Features of RAM‘s Parental Control are:

1.Device Block:
The Device block feature will be used to completely block a device or PC from both internal LAN traffic and Internet traffic.

2. Internet Pause:
It will provide the flexibility to prevent the net property of the device quickly and it still enables to connect the internal devices.

3. Website Blocking:
You can block access to a particular website using a Parental Control tool, by adding its URL to the list of blocked websites. Benefit – shields kids from inappropriate websites

Take control of all computer administrative passwords. Without tell them you will never keep ahead of the approaches kids use to fake and cover their online tracks. Lock down kids PCs by revoking administrative privileges for their accounts or remove their ability to install new software. The available functionalities of the parental controls is include time, content or activity restrictions as well as monitoring and safety. It often to combine these various features. Monitoring and tracking tools permits parents to set the restrictions by blocking specific websites.

How work RAM Antivirus parental control ?

As a parent you can take preventive steps against this issue by helping to protect your child’s device with security software. All of these are essential cyber safety skills but kids are kids and mistakes can happen. RAM antivirus is a great solution for securing the devices in your home. A wide range of features to help your kids explore the digital world safely. Allows the User to add new good files in white list while all others will remain in the sandbox. RAM antivirus help to detect and remove bots, viruses, key loggers, worms, Trojans, and spyware by scanning the entire hard drive. Block known and existing threats before they can execute on endpoints. Whitelisting is used for defenses from attack surface.It also performs network scanning, reduces the chances of data theft and alerts the user before viruses damage the computer.

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