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What is RAM Browser Cleaner?

Is your computer running slow?  If you answered yes then you have to taken some steps to speed up your computer. It is really frustrating to wait for a slow computer to open documents and images. So to improve your PC performance you have to do something. Now day’s viruses are also increasing day by day, which try to damage your system. We take pride in our Browser Cleaner

Early the new viruses try to spread over physical devices like floppies and zip disks. Because of these viruses today, billions of dollar worth damage occurs due to data loss, systems failure, resource wastage and maintenance costs. May be tomorrow a new artificial intelligence will help the hackers to hack more device. So you needed to secure yourself when you are online. If your computer is running slow then chances of attacks of hackers on your system also increase. So you need to clean up your computer browser and speed up your computer to avoid these attacks.

How to use browser cleaner using RAM Antivirus Browser Cleaner ?

RAM Antivirus provides you the best browser cleaner to clean all browsing data, history, cookies and cache. Browser cleaner is designed to securely delete all history of your online and offline activity. When you clean browser history and cache, it frees up space available on your hard drive which speeds up your PC performance.

How to use  browser cleanup using RAM Antivirus Browser Cleaner:

  1. First Download the RAM Antivirus from website www.ramantivirus.com.
  2. Then go to the homepage of RAM Antivirus.
  3. Click on My Cleaner option on the homepage of RAM Antivirus.
  4. Then you see Browser cleanup option from where you can clean your system browsers.
  5. The user can select one or more browser to clean.

By using RAM antivirus browser cleanup, the user can also reset the browser.

You get free space by removing thousands of unnecessary file on your browser. Browser cleaner of RAM Antivirus erases the history of all visited websites, list of every page you have visited online, browser temporary files and also cleans all other records of your internet activity.

In the market, there are several tools available to clean your browser, to clean your registry. But you have to install separate tools to do all this. So to avoid all this separate installation of tools, you have to just download RAM Antivirus on your computer which provides you the registry cleanup and browser cleanup. You don’t need to install separate tools for it.

Features of RAM Antivirus Browser Cleaner:

  1. Browser cleaner provides free space after cleaning browsers.
  2. Safe searching possible due browser cleanup.
  3. No installation required.
  4. Reset browser.

Browser Cleanup is used to remove bad stuff of your browser. RAM antivirus browser cleanup helps you to select the browser that you need to clean. If the user wants to clean the particular option then the user can change it by using check and uncheck options. If all options are checked, it will clean the cache, cookies, and history altogether. You can reset multiple browsers at a time by selecting multiple options.

RAM Antivirus provides extra protection to your system from all types of viruses, malware, spyware, etc. RAM antivirus provides you safe browsing, so you can feel safe while searching online.

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